About TYA Show Rights


TYA (Theater for Young Audiences) Show Rights launched in December 2017 as the licensing division of New York City Children’s TheaterAll of the shows in the TYA Show Rights catalog have been commissioned and premiered by New York City Children’s Theater, unless otherwise specified. Since 1996, New York City Children’s Theater has commissioned original, entertaining, and enriching theater for kids and adults to enjoy together, and is now making select TYA scripts available for professional and amateur licensing.

Our plays and musicals are known for asking big questions, inciting curiosity, and sparking spirited discussions among kids, parents, and teachers. By commissioning emerging and established artists, respecting the intelligence of young audiences, and holding our material to the same artistic standards as any company developing work for adult audiences, we hope to make substantial contributions to the TYA canon and to help move the field forward.

Proceeds from all licensed productions will go directly towards New York City Children’s Theater’s Send a Kid to Theater and Send a Family to Theater programs, which provide free theater tickets to thousands of New York City public school students and their families, as well as to commissioning more high-quality TYA plays.